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Mesh Bag for Deploying Chemcatcher®

7.00 (8.61 Incl. Vat)

Mesh bag for deploying Chemcatcher passive samplers.

Suitable for sampling  for all parameters, including metals.

Low cost, but less robust and secure than the stainless steel deployment cage or plastic plates.

This items is delivered free of charge.  View rules about Vat charges and other terms & conditions here.


Mesh Bag for Deploying Chemcatcher®  in Aquatic/Marine Environments


  • Chemcatcher®  is a low-cost and passive (non-mechanical) device, with no power, maintenance or supervision requirements
  • Different combinations of the membrane and receiving phase allow Chemcatcher® to be tailored for different purposes
  • This enables screening for the vast majority of problematic aquatic micro-pollutants,  including both polar and non-polar organic compounds

This mesh bag can be used for deploying Chemcatcher® passive samplers in aquatic and marine environments. It is suitable for sampling all parameters  – including metals. It is a low-cost option that is less robust and secure that plastic plates or stainless steel deployment cages.

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