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Drinking Water Testing – Chemical Test Package

122.00 (150.06 Incl. Vat)

  • The EPA recommends that you get your private well or small private group scheme drinking water tested  in an INAB accredited laboratory once every  three years for chemical contamination.
  • Our chemicals test package will provide you with information such as whether part of your plumbing system may still contain lead (only a risk in pre-1970s properties) or whether your drinking water may contain elevated levels of nitrite/nitrate, which can be harmful especially to bottle-fed infants
  • It will explain why you might be having issues such as staining of sanitary ware. Blue/green is usually attributable to copper, while red/brown staining normally occurs as a result of elevated iron or manganese levels.
  •  It will put a value or the hardness or otherwise of your water – or, at the other end of the scale, its acidity – and potential to corrode your pipes and hot water tank.

This chemical analysis package  measures the following parameters for compliance (in terms of maximum admissible concentration) with regulations (as per SI 122 of 2014 Drinking Water regulations).

Water ‘hardness’Nitrite & nitrate
Langellier Index @15°c & 80°cConductivity
LeadColour and turbidity


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